About Spaceport Sheboygan

Spaceport Sheboygan is a non-profit, science education facility. With hands-on exhibits and actual NASA artifacts, there is a unique blend of educational and entertaining opportunities for students of all ages. Live science shows discuss what it is like to be in space and has demonstrations that will entertain.

Spaceport Hours

Our facility is currently closed. Please check back soon for updates regarding our move to a new location.


Children up to age 4: Free

Ages 4 and up: $


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How your support helps Spaceport

As a nonprofit organization, the Great Lakes Aerospace Science & Education Center at Spaceport Sheboygan relies heavily on the generosity of community friends to meet our mission. “To inspire the next generation of Scientists, Technicians, Engineers, Explorers, and Mathematicians.”

Every day, we offer interactive exhibits and programming that make learning fun! With your help, we can continue to create an environment that develops a joy and passion for learning.

Get Your Donation On

Each and every donation that we receive, no matter what the amount, is greatly appreciated.

Your donations help us:

  • Provide low-cost educational programs for at-risk communities.
  • Develop, create and refresh unique museum exhibits.
  • Buy paint, pipe cleaners, books and countless other items used for teaching, learning and having fun.
Rockets for Schools
4-H Sheboygan County
Sheboygan County Chamber of Commerce
Wisconsin Space Grant Consortium